Registered Agents

The following individuals have registered with the LSU Compliance Office and the Louisiana Attorney General (LAG) for the 2018-19 academic year:

  • Bicknell III, Harold- Pillar Sports Management

  • Brown, Robert- Universal Sports & Entertainment, LLC

  • Cavignac, Jason- Cavignac Sports Group, LLC

  • Conner, Kevin- Universal Sports & Entertainment, LLC

  • Fischman, Martin- Fischman& Wiltz Sports

  • Ghahremani, Bardia- International Sports Agency, Inc

  • Gordon, Aaron- USO Sports

  • Mainiero, Matthew- Team Sports Agency

  • Martin, Tate- Cavignac Sports Group, LLC

  • Mills, Derek- Elite Athlete Management

  • Perrett, Michael- Element Sports Group

  • Robinson III, Neil (Trey)- MVA Sports

  • Segal, Joel- Lagardere Sports

  • Simmons, Ricky- Simmons Sports Management, Inc.

  • Snyder, Adam- Focus Sports Agency

  • Spahn, David- Creative Artists Agency (CAA)

  • Williams, Shane- 3SG Sports Management Group

In accordance with Louisiana State law, agents must register with the LSU Compliance Office, the LAG and the appropriate players association on an annual basis. Further, agents must provide at least seven (7) days advance notice in writing to the Athletics Director and Head Coach of any potential contact with an LSU student-athlete.

CLICK HERE to learn more about registering with the LSU Compliance Office and the LAG for the 2018-19 academic year.