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Women's Basketball Dead Period


Dead Period Regulations

In general, contacts and evaluations on-or-off-campus, official or unofficial visits, and appearances by coaches at meetings or banquets at which prospects are in attendance, are prohibited during dead periods.

Permissible Recruiting Activities (subject to the normal starting dates)

-Correspondence to prospects not at a competition site.

-Correspondence (including email) sent directly to a prospect who is on-call, but not at the competition site or who has been released by the appropriate authority once competition is completed.  Prospects who are on-call and at their competition sire may not be sent correspondence.


-Telephone calls/text messages to prospects of permissible age are permitted during the dead period.

-Official and unofficial visits, contacts and evaluations on or off-campus are permissible during a dead period, provided the prospect signed a NLI with LSU during the early signing period.  Permission must be granted by the Compliance Office prior to any on or off-campus contact with PSA who signed NLI.

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