Camps & Clinics

All forms within the Camps & Clinics Approval Packet must be completed and submitted to the Compliance Office prior to conducting any sports camp or clinic.

These forms can be accessed on the Forms section of this website or through the links below:

  1. Complimentary/Prorated Camp Admissions Approval Form
  2. Camp Advertisement Review Form
  3. Reimbursement of Camp Fees Approval Form
  4. Camper Transportation Approval Form
  5. Student-Athlete Serving As Camp Staff Member Approval Form
  6. Camp Staff Member Employment Agreement Form
  7. Camp Staff Member Background Check Form
  8. Outside Student-Athlete As Camp Staff Member Notification Form
  9. Check Request Form

The Payment of Camp Fees Declaration Form must be completed by any individual who is paying the camp registration fee for a camper that is not a member of his or her immediate family.

Additionally, coaches should be sure to follow the guidelines outlined in Section 513 of the LSU Athletics Department Policy Manual.

The Compliance Office oversees all sports camps and clinics held on the LSU campus.