LSU Athletics is fully committed to the health, safety, and well-being of all student-athletes. If a student-athlete feels he/she has been subjected to, or is aware of, misconduct or improper treatment, he/she is encouraged to notify the appropriate individuals to address the issue. Athletic Department and campus resources are listed below:

Student-Athlete Grievance Process:

Your health and well-being as a student-athlete is always our top priority. If there is any issue of concern that you need assistance or a problem you are facing that you would like to report, LSU Athletics has a team of trained staff members available to assist you and offer support. The grievance team is a diverse group of staff members to whom you can report a concern. You can report any issue with which you need assistance (examples include hazing, bullying, harassment, etc..). The LSU Athletics Grievance process assists student-athletes and athletics staff with resolution for issues of concern. Please note that reporting an issue to the Athletics grievance team does not preclude also reporting the issue to the LSU Campus. Contact any of the following individuals to begin the process.

Verge Ausberry, Deputy Athletic Director-
Micki Collins, Sr. Associate Athletic Trainer-
Mark Ewing, Sr. Associate AD-
Walt Holiday, Director Academic Affairs-
Neal Lamonica- Associate AD-
Wendy Nall- Assistant AD-
Miriam Segar- Sr. Associate AD-

Student-Athlete Support Services:

A team of trained mental health service providers are available to help you with any issue. Please click no link below to be directed to immediate assistance. Contact information for all the providers is included and the ability to schedule an appointment provided.


LSU Cares is a confidential on-line reporting system for students, faculty and staff to report issues of concern. Reports can be submitted regarding violations of the LSU Code of Student Conduct, sexual misconduct and hazing, bias or discrimination, grievances and concerns about students in distress.

Title IX Campus reporting:

Title IX Coordinator: Jenny Stewart 225-578-3918 or
Title IX Investigator: Jeff Scott 225-578-3328 or  
Title IX LSU Dean of Students: Mari Fuentes-Martin 225-578-9442

LSU Sexual Misconduct Policy PM-73

Third Party Reporting Resource:


PFA Consulting (provide annual SA and staff education):
Dan Beebe- 214-924-7220;
Mike McCall- 214-415-8121;
Kathryn Statz-


Victim Services

LSU Dean of Students

LSU Police 225-578-3231
Baton Rouge Police 225-389-3800

LSU Student Health Center

International Services

Disability Services

LSU Campus Resources