Drug Testing

LSU student-athletes are subject to year-round drug testing by both the NCAA and LSU.


The NCAA bans drugs by class, along with any substance chemically related to those classes. NCAA banned drug classes are: stimulants, anabolic agents, alcohol and beta blockers (for rifle only), masking agents such as diuretics, street/illicit drugs, peptide hormones and analogues, anti-estrogens and Beta-2 Agonists. The NCAA Banned Drug List provides greater detail of these classes and other restrictions.

Penalties for positive tests of street drugs:

  • First positive: Loss of competition during a minimum of 50% of a season in all sports

  • Second positive: One-year (365 day) suspension

Penalties for positive tests of performance-enhancing drugs:

  • First positive: One-year (365-day) suspension

  • Second positive: Permanent ineligibility

For more information on NCAA drug testing, click here.


Because LSU shares the responsibility of promoting a drug-free athletics environment with the NCAA, the Athletics Department conducts a drug testing program of its own. The Athletics Department Assistance Program (ADAP) is a mandatory, year-round program of alcohol and drug education, drug testing, and - if necessary - counseling and rehabilitation efforts. ADAP is not governed by the NCAA.

Click here for further information on ADAP and the Athletics Department's Substance Abuse Policy. Student-athletes should contact the Compliance Office with any questions or concerns regarding ADAP or this policy.