Scholarships & Financial Aid

In Division I athletics, athletically related financial aid can be offered to prospects in a varitety of ways.  In all cases, athletically related financial aid is offered to prospects as either a partial or full scholarship. 

Two Types of Scholarships

  1. A full scholarship includes tuition and mandatory fees, room, board and required course-related books.

  2. A partial scholarship includes parts of a full scholarship, which equals a percentage of a full grant-in-aid.

Period of Institutional Financial Aid Award

If a student-athlete receives athletically related financial aid,  the period of the award shall neither be awarded for a period less than one academic year nor for a period that would exceed the student's five-year period of eligibility. 

Eligibility for Institutional Financial Aid

A student-athlete must meet applicable NCAA, conference adn institutional regulations to be eligible for institutional financial aid.  If the regulations are met, the student-athlete may be awarded athletics aid during any term in which a student-athlete is in regular attendance under the following conditions:

  1. The student-athlete is carrying for credit the courses necessary to complete degree requirements; or

  2. The student-athlete is carrying for credit all the degree-applicable courses necessary to complete his or her degree requirements that are offered during the designated term. 

Non-Institutional Financial Aid

If a student-athlete is receiving financial aid from an outside entity, there is a possibility that the financial aid could count as athletically related financial aid, and therefore need to be added to the student-athlete's financial aid limit.  If a student-athlete receives outside financial aid, it is required that they report it to their compliance office to assure they do not exceed their financial aid limit.